Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today I...October 12th

Today I... sharing this photo of one of the two points that give the town of Pointe-Claire its name. The other point, which is just across from this one, is home to St-Joachim church, which I featured in yesterday's post, as well as to a convent and windmill. All of the photos I have featured on my blog so far this week were taken this past weekend and I also have some very Skywatch worthy photos that I took in the same Pointe-Claire series that I will use either for this week or next week's Skywatch Friday feature. letting you all know that I may not be blogging tomorrow and will not be blogging on Friday since I am going out with my mom and one of our friends tomorrow night and am going to my Sweetheart's place on Friday night. I should be back on Saturday :o)

...had a fun time with my friend V. We went to dinner at a sushi restaurant we hadn't tried yet and it was quite good.

...stained my white t-shirt after losing my hold on a gyoza (Japanese dumpling) with my chopsticks and having it plop unceremoniously into my dish of soy and vinegar dipping sauce. Luckily, I was able to get to stain out with my delicate laundry soap. I soaked the t-shirt in a sink full of warm water and a bit of the soap for about 20 minutes and voilĂ ! no more stain. It is quite surprising that I dropped the gyoza though, I am a champion chopstick user, I can pick up and hold pretty much anything with them!

...very much enjoyed the 45 minute walk home from the restaurant. V was with me most of the way before turning off to go to her father's place, so we were able to keep chattering almost until I got home. very much looking forward to the arts and crafts sale I'm going to with my mom and our friend H tomorrow as well as dinner afterwards! looking forward even more to seeing my Sweetheart on Friday. I really have to stock up on time with him before he leaves for his next work-related trip on Tuesday. Two weeks this time, ugh. Fortunately it will be his last trip for a while!


  1. Hello Karine! It sounds like you've had a pretty good week that will end on a few good notes!! Enjoy your time with your friends, your Mom, and especially your sweetheart!!

  2. A pretty view to celebrate the changing seasons. Have yourself a great weekend!

  3. very nice view :) Hope the sushis werre good ;)

  4. Hope you had a super weekend and some relaxing time with your other half and your family?

    I cannot use chopsticks at all, totally useless.......