Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today I...October 22nd

Today I... sharing this sunny picture of a bright orange maple tree in Pointe-Claire village with you. I told you, sunny pictures until the sun comes back!

...was actually fortunate enough to be outside during a brief sunny break this afternoon. I quite enjoyed it, despite the fact that I was hauling a very heavy cart of groceries behind me.

...spent 82$ and small change on the aforementioned heavy cart of groceries. The chicken cassoulet I'm planning on making in my crockpot had better be worth every extra penny I spent on the ingredients!

...was absolutely thrilled to get an e-mail from my Sweetheart a few minutes ago, he says everything is going well in the great white north, that lichen is cushy to walk on, Tundra more colorful than he expected, but that his flights are something else because the airplanes are tiny, the flights full of turbulence and the landing strips gravel. I know, even though he didn't mention it, that he is thinking that if I were on those planes with him I would have died of a panic attack by now. He's right. He's also two days ahead of schedule with his work and only eleven bumpy flights away from home, hopefully they'll be able to keep up the speedy work and get home early!


  1. our son said the plane rides up north in those little planes leave a lot to be if you are nervous, he's right they're not for you. Mind you the scenery would make the plane ride worth while?


  2. chicken cassoulet, that sounds so good... i hope it turned out ok. the color on the tree are awesome. in southern California we don't get to enjoy the fall colors and i miss it. thanks for sharing.

  3. The maple tree looks unreal. Maybe it is?

  4. lovely light through the tree :)