Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today I...March 10th

Today I... sharing this short film, which was created by Pixar, with all of you. It is one of my all time favorite films, short or long :o) posting this from my Sweetheart's place while spaghetti sauce I am making simmers. My Sweetheart isn't here, he's gone out to dinner with a buddy of his for the buddy's birthday. He had originally asked me over for after dinner, but my fuse has been kind of short lately and I could just see what would happen if his evening ran late and he decided it was too late for me to come over by the time he got home. It wouldn't have been pretty, so I asked him if I could come over before he left and he said that was fine. The best way to avoid a conflict is to not put yourself in a situation where a conflict might arise!

...went out to the West Island for a spa appointment. I hadn't been in a while and boy, did it ever feel nice to get pampered! my groceries done. my vacuuming and my dishes done. Phew! No more cleaning this weekend, unless you count the fact that I need to do my cyclical partial water change in my fish tank. No biggie there though, it's not a particularly long or difficult job. Fish are easy to please :o) looking forward to having my dinner, but it's going to be a while. The sauce is going to have to simmer for at least another hour and twenty minutes. It sure does smell good though! asking you to be indulgent with any typos or spelling errors in this post. I'm using my Sweetheart's mini PC with an apropriately tiny keyboard and is also speaks French, so spell checking is a no go. I read through and saw no errors, but I'm not infallible and may have missed one or two :o)

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  1. Hi Karine!!

    Today I....
    ~~Have loved watching that little movie!!
    ~~Enjoyed catching up on your blog!!
    ~~Found no type-o's in your post, but have to admit I didn't try to find any. :-)
    ~~Am glad that you get to see your sweetheart this weekend!
    ~~ :-))!!