Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today I...March 14th

Today I... popping in for a quick post before going out to dinner with my brother. sharing the latest Simon's Cat video with you. I love how he always uses very realistic situations that cats get themselves into for his videos. I know this, as I have a fake fireplace in my apartment and thus also have a mantle. Magique has often tipped things, mostly greeting cards, off the mantle. Nothing breakable so far, but she has knocked breakable things off my bookcase shelves. getting tired. I am on day three of my crazy week and am ready for it to be done. Two more days and I get my weekend and then I'll just have Monday left before things can start to get back to normal.

...found out that I have three weeks of vacation time this year. They are not all fully paid, but they're still there and I will take all three full weeks by squirreling some money away for the third one! looking forward to going to my aunt and uncle's St-Patrick's day party on Saturday.

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