Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today I...March 25th

Today I... sharing this picture that I took of one of the butterflies in the greenhouses at the Botanical Gardens a few years ago with all of you. I try and make it out there every year when the exhibit is on, but it is quite far, so I have yet to make it this year. posting early since I am going out to dinner with my brother and my mother for my mother's upcoming birthday tonight and might not have a chance to post later depending on what time I get home. planning on making chocolate chip cookies in a bit as I promised my Sweetheart I would have some for him when he got back from his trip. very happy that my Sweetheart is coming home from Haiti today and am hoping that his flight home is easier that his flight to Haiti was, not that that will be hard to beat! going to try and make it out to buy some flowers for my mom before my brother comes to get me. She loves flowers but doesn't get them very often, so I figure I'll get her a treat. hoping that I'm over the worst of a stomach bug I woke up with!


  1. Gorgeous photo!!

    I hope you're feeling better!!

  2. What a beautiful butterfly!! They are one of my favorite things to take pictures of!

    Karine, I've missed your blog this week and am glad that I have had the time this evening to read your posts. I hope that by the time you see this your sweetheart is back safely, and I so hope that you get that vacation together and some good quality time!!

    I also hope you're feeling well too! Take care!!