Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today I...March 5th

Today I...

...am going to rave some more about the new book I am reading, Vanessa Diffenbaugh's 'The Language of Flowers'. Seriously, the only reason I have not lost sleep due to staying glued to this book every night is because I have a white noise making application on my iPod Touch (my favorite sound is rain falling on leaves, but last night I had a light thunderstorm in the background) that I can put on a timer so that I never put my light out later than 11:45 P.M. It is a very touching, very realistic novel, I can easily picture the characters and places described in the novel as I read it, which is something I absolutely love in a book. If you're looking for a book to read, I cannot recommend this one highly enough :o)

...had a very, very busy day at work and they're only going to get busier in the next week. I just need to keep taking deep breaths and I'll get through it.

...am looking forward to seeing my Sweetheart tomorrow, hopefully it will work out this time!

...am going to head off and make myself some dinner, I'm starving! I may not post tomorrow depending on how things work out with my Sweetheart, but I'll definitely be back on Thursday :o)

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