Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today I...April 19th

Today I... finding the time to get a post in. glad to have a quiet evening at home as I am feeling quite tired.

...spent the day wearing a scarf to help my tired voice along. I gave a three hour tour yesterday afternoon to a group of City of Montreal tour guides who asked tons and tons of questions, hence the tour lasting three hours. I then came home, showered, ate dinner, turned around and went right back out for a three hour choir practice. Not easy on the vocal cords and I was shuddering at the idea of having to give another tour today, but luckily keeping my scarf on to keep my throat warm and help relax my vocal cords helped out a bit and I made it through my tour without my voice getting too much more tired than it already was.

...had a nice walk home. my laundry done. Thursday has pretty much become my official laundry day as I find it is much easier to get a machine on a Thursday night before 6:00 P.M. than it is to get one on a Saturday or Sunday at any time during the day. so happy that it's Friday tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

(Magique sleeping in the corner of my old couch a few days after I adopted she and Quinn. I will look just as happy to be sleeping as she does in this photo within about two hours.)

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