Monday, April 2, 2012

Today I...April 2nd

Today I...

...had the day off since I worked last yesterday and spent the afternoon setting up a large picture frame which can hold twelve pictures. It's for my living room wall and had been sitting beside my fireplace for a few months now waiting for me to fill it up.

...had more trouble than I expected finding pictures for the frame. It can hold six horizontal photos and six vertical photos. Finding horizontal photos was no problem as that is the orientation I take most of my photos in. The vertical ones however, where quite the trial. It took me a solid hour if not a bit more to find most of them and I ended up cheating a bit by choosing one of my Sweetheart's photos and turning the above photo of St-Peter's Basilica (Rome) that I took vertically. It worked out fine and I now have my frame full and will just wait until the next time my Sweetheart comes over to ask him to help me hang it :o) over yesterday's disappointment pretty quickly once I was at work.

...wrote to my Sweetheart to poke him into confirming our vacation dates before Wednesday, which will be the last day for me to hand them in to my boss for his signature before he goes away for a month. I'm quite looking forward to hearing back from him, because once we have our dates picked out, we'll be able to decide where we're going to go! I'm still hoping for Paris :o)

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