Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today I...April 24th

Today I...

...am sharing another piece from Eric Whitacre's 'Water Night' album with you, this one is 'Oculi Omnium', which translates to 'The eyes of all'. There is usually a 'look toward thee, O Lord' thrown onto the end there, to make it Oculi omnium ad te spectant, Domine (sing in a choir that focuses on sacred music long enough and your Latin becomes almost as fluent as a monk's ;o) ), but look at the length of that and you can see why they used the shorthand version for the title of the piece on the album! Once again, the solo soprano line has me drooling!

...had a fairly busy day at work. D is off this week so I am doing a chunk of his work on top of mine, throw a tour in there and you have a very busy me all day long. No tour tomorrow, so that should help me along.

...was relieved when I woke up with no symptoms from the cold that C so graciously came to work with yesterday. She doesn't understand why people give her heck when she comes in with a cold. Apparently people in Haiti react with sympathy when you show up someplace saying 'I feel lousy, I'm feverish and have aches and chills and my nose in all stuffed up.', whereas the first thing people do here is back away and say 'Don't give it me! Why aren't you at home in bed???'. I guess since it's warm all year-round in Haiti, things don't get around as much since people spend most of their time outside rather than inside in close quarters for six months out of the year. One thing is for sure, if I catch C's cold and cannot sing at my concert the weekend or next weekend, I will not be impressed!!! I've doubled my daily dose of Vitamin C in the hopes of  keeping any germs at bay and am most happy that C will not be coming to work again until Thursday afternoon due to some appointments.

...was impressed by how moody the weather was today. We got rain, a few snowflakes, sun and hail several times all in the same day!


  1. Did you end up giving your other half your letter? Work stress can really affect people, tell him to slow down and enjoy life.

    I hope that you do not catch that cold, I would be ticked off also if I caught it, she must know about your choir's performances?


    1. C does know abut my performances, but that doesn't stop her from coming in sick, nor does the fact that I give the lion's share of the tours and if I can't give them, it costs an extra tour guide to replace me. She would be an ideal candidate for workaholism if we did not have a fixed schedule! As for my Sweetheart I'm waiting for a chance to talk with him. Hopefully soon! He can't really slow down work right now, otherwise his business will go bust!