Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today I...April 3rd

Today I...

...Nailed down my vacation dates for this summer, or at least the time off I will be taking with my Sweetheart: May 26th to June 2nd. So I am sharing this wonderful little video of Paris by night with all of you. No, I do not know for sure that we are going to Paris yet, but it's looking good right now. If I keep poking him, he'll cave in I'm pretty sure. He already got hyped this evening when he began looking at the links for the cute little Paris apartments I sent him from HomeAway. If any of you are traveling soon to pretty much anywhere in the world, you should give HomeAway a try. It's a site that allows you to browse apartments for rent specifically to travelers in cities all over the world. It really is the more affordable way to go I find, because then you can buy your own food and cook meals for yourself and you really do have more of a chance to make yourself at home than in a hotel. It's the ideal solution for me when I travel, because I really need things to be the least expensive possible, but still comfortable, private and safe.

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