Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today I...July 13th

Today I...

...am wondering why Blogger won't let me add images to my post?

...had a very quiet day at work...except for the part where a couple, the woman wearing a purple bikini and the man wearing swimming trunks, walked all the way up the hill at the Oratory and then all the way back down again in a huge rainstorm. Why? We had no clue, but since we have a streaker incident about once a year, we figured that at least these guys were partially clothed.

...was happy when the rain let up in time for me to walk home from work.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for a little while. He's decided to forgo his bike ride up to Lake Simcoe on the Friday that we're going to meet up since there were no rental cars left at our usual agency and renting from another place was looking like it was going to be pricier and a headache. He wouldn't have been able to ride up to the lake and back in one day and I wouldn't have been able to go and pick him up without a car, so he's going to go for a shorter ride instead and we're now planning on going to the beach at the Toronto Islands instead since I've never been.

...sent out an invite to all my friends for my housewarming party next month...which my Sweetheart said he would attend! He's going to come right over here when he gets off the train for his weekend visit home and come over to my place :o) God bless his employer for giving his staff leave two and a half hours earlier every Friday during the summer, it means that my Sweetheart can get on the earlier train home when he comes in for the weekend :o)

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