Monday, July 26, 2010

Today I...July 26th

Today I... back to my regular blogging schedule after a hectic week last week followed by a lovely four day trip to Toronto a bit over half of which was spend with my Sweetheart :o) sharing this picture that I took in Chinatown in Toronto while passing through there with my aunt on our way to Queen Street for some (more) shopping.

...spent part of the day in a post-too-short-weekend-with-my-Sweetheart fog, which I eventually snapped out of when I started having to deal with a whole bunch of stuff by myself since I was alone in the office today.

...had to take out my boss hat to try and get to the bottom of an issue and apparently did a very good job of it, which is always good to know :o)

...walked home from work for the first time in a while. in the process of doing my laundry. It's the last thing I wanted to be doing tonight, but I was in dire need of my capris. Long pants were fine for today, but it's going to be much hotter tomorrow and I won't be able to get by by cheating, not if I want to be comfortable anyhow :oJ missing my Sweetheart a lot, but am helping myself get by by thinking about the fact that I'm going to be seeing him again in just three weeks, this time when he comes to Montreal.

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