Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today I...July 3rd

Today I...

...slept pretty darn late, like until 10:30 or maybe even a little later. thanking my lucky stars that I have a functioning air conditioner, because we are indeed starting a heat wave. I love the heat and sunshine, just not when I have to sleep in it without AC!

...went out to buy my Grandma G her birthday card and birthday present.

...went to check out an ice cream parlor called Meu-Meu on Mont-Royal Avenue. Their pumpkin ice cream is to die for, but the vanilla brownie (I had one scoop of each of these) was pretty run of the mill. Meu-Meu therefore has not stolen the Bilboquet's crown in my ice cream parlor standings.

...did my laundry and saw that heavy-duty machine was on the fritz. I needed two machines since I was washing my sheets and towels along with my clothes, so I was quite happy to be the only person needing the machines! Nothing worse than having to wait on the machines when you want to to your laundry.

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