Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I...July 27th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of a sunflower that was growing in one of the many front-yard gardens in Toronto's Kensington Market district with you.

...received confirmation from my body that I did indeed contract a cold while in Toronto. Hopefully I didn't give it to my Sweetheart, but we were both suffering from similar symptoms on Sunday, but I'm still hoping that maybe both just had indigestion.

...had another pretty busy day at work, although the work was shared between C, D and I, so that helped.

...spent an hour and a half in the tourist information booth, which was n ice because I had been missing it, but not so nice because I ended up having to go in there when I should have been starting my lunch hour so I was completely starved by the time I was done working there.

...went to by brother's place so he could make me a cheeseburger and shrimp skewers for dinner and then we went out for gelato near his place for dessert. It was a truly delectable experience.

...got to go for a nice long ride in my brother's super cool car when he drove me home. He has a very funky BMW that everybody loves to ride in, from my grandmothers right down to his larger circle of friends.

...am hanging around on Skype on the off chance that my Sweetheart makes it home earlier than expected so we can chat.

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  1. Karine, you know I think there is a stomach bug going around, as me and dh had the same thing on the weekend......