Friday, July 9, 2010

Today I...July 9th

Today I...

...had a crazy day at work.

...was amazed by the powerful storm that blew through just before I went to lunch. The wind was so strong that the door to the information booth was being blown open, even with me leaning on it, so I had to lock it shut. It also rained so much that one of the sewers backed up...twice. The Oratory and its pilgrim and office building also flooded in several places and the security and janitorial staff spent the rest of the afternoon vacuuming and mopping the water up. Is this something extraordinary for us? We're sitting on a rather steep downward slope, so every time there's a long period of steady to heavy rain or a major downpour that lasts for a half hour or more, we flood.

...knew that there was going to be some nasty weather because I woke up with a migraine so bad that I nearly didn't make it to work.

...was thrilled when my friend S called me and invited me to go to the water slides with she and her boyfriend tomorrow. We're going to have so much fun!!! This is the park we're going to, isn't it nuts??? nearly counting down the hours until my Sweetheart gets home from his vacation. I should be able to talk with him on Monday, I can't wait!!!

...made an appointment to get my hair cut next Saturday, so I'll try and make up my mind about what I want done before then. so happy that my apartment is feeling cooler since the cold front started coming through. shamelessly watching back-to-back episodes of 'Say Yes to The Dress' on TLC.

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