Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today I...July 14th

Today I... sharing this picture of a ritzy condo in Old Montreal with geraniums in its flower boxes. This windows are actually about 10 feet tall and the condo is undoubtedly worth upwards of a million dollars!

...was happy to see D back at work after his two week vacation. He had a nice time and is looking well rested.

...gave a tour to a fraction of a pilgrimage group that has been coming to the Oratory every year for the past 75 years! We always give our repeat pilgrimage groups a bit of a special welcome since we appreciate their coming back every year so much.

...was supposed to go and see Twilight Eclipse with my friend V tonight, but it fell through. I'm okay with it though since I got a terrible night's sleep last night. A quiet evening at home is just what I need I think.

...bought a hairstyle magazine to help me make up my mind about my new do. It gave me a few ideas and I have a few pictures to show the stylist on Saturday.

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