Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today I...November 14th

Today I... sharing this photo that I took of the Oratory while waiting for the bus with you. My one planned outing of the day was to go and take pictures of the sunset at the Oratory. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't cooperate too much on that front, but I was most pleased with the series of photos I took of the Oratory...all three of them lol

...had a very laid back day and stayed in my jammies until 3:00 P.M. It felt lovely :o)

...enjoyed getting deeper into 'Fall of the Giants', Ken Follett's latest bible length (987 pages) book. an unexpected invite to dinner from my brother. We went to a little Italian Place on Notre Dame Street, which was pretty good.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for a little while. He had some friends over for the weekend unexpectedly and they had a good time. His next guest will be his sister next weekend, then the following weekend he's coming here and the weekend after that I'm going there. He's a busy guy, hopefully he won't be all tuckered out by the time I get there! lol

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  1. that is a lovely photo. I agree mother nature wasn't at her best yesterday was she. It was a dull day here also.