Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today I...November 16th

Today I...

...am having a pictureless post. Hasn't happened in a while, I know, but I really need to go out and take some new ones I think, like a whole slew of them! I am saving some new ones for my Skywatch post on Thursday though :o)

...was so happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton when I found out they were engaged. It made me smile and kept me smiling all afternoon, they're such a lovely couple and they look so, so happy together.

...spoke to my Sweetheart for a half hour. He was tired and overworked because they're working on a major project at work and he's been working a good bit of overtime. He's thinking of taking Friday off and I tried to convince him to do it, so hopefully he will.

...am thoroughly enjoying 'Fall of Giants' so I went to see on Ken Follett's website when the next book in the trilogy will be coming out...not until 2012!!! Oh boy, what a wait!!! Hopefully he won't leave us with too much of a cliffhanger...

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  1. The engagement was a big of positive news for a change wasn't it?

    I really need to start reading again, but I have so many other things that need to be done I dare not start a book, as then nothing will get done!!