Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today I...November 17th

Today I... sharing this picture I took of the sunset at the Oratory last Sunday. I will share more photos from this series with you in my Skywatch Friday post tomorrow.

...called my landlord for another set of keys to my place. I only have two sets, mine and another, but I have two friends who take care of my lovely feline ladies when I travel and was tired of chasing down the keys every I switched kitty sitters, so set number three, here I come! It will be practical to the highest degree to have a third set, but the downside is that I have to pay 35$ for every set. Luckily, if I remember correctly, I get all the key deposits back when I move out of here. That probably won't be any time soon, but still, at least I know my money isn't totally down the drain!

...called my massage therapist from last year with a plea for help for my lower back. Hopefully she'll get back to me soon. I believe I may have damaged myself through a combination of two bad falls on my backside during one of my visits to Toronto last winter. I fell twice in one walk and started having issues not long after that, but I have the feeling that sitting at a desk so much at work isn't agreeing with me too much either. looking forward to Friday night and then weekend.

...think that what I really need, rather than just a weekend, is a vacation. I may try and see if I can get away for a few days during my week off at Christmas, otherwise I 'ain't going nowhere' (except Toronto, of course) until at least May I think. Ugh...


  1. we had a similar sky to that in the morning here, really nice.


  2. eautiful sky. Hope you plan a lovely vacation soon.

  3. Hope that massage helps sort your back out, it must be uncomfortable.

    Always a good plan to be organised with extra keys, I like organisation, it saves more time for long walks out doors finding beautiful skies to photograph. Love the colours in your sky this week.