Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I...November 9th

Today I...

...am sharing another clip from 'Love Actually' with all of you. If any of you like Hugh Grant, this is classic :o)

...am feeling better, hopefully my cold will be pretty much gone by tomorrow.

...brought some of the pilaf I made on Friday to J. He loves rice and has some in his lunch pretty much every day, so I figured I would try some of mine out on him. If he likes it, I'll bring him ore because I have so much of the stuff it would take me at least two weeks to eat all of it!

...spent an hour talking on Skype with my Sweetheart. Me? giddy after speaking with him for so long? Nah... :o)

...am hoping you get a giggle out of this film clip, I'll try and have those dog show photos on my PC tomorrow so I can share a few with you. I meant to do it tonight, but then I spent an hour on Skype, so it didn't happen. I'm sorry...and yet I'm not :oJ


  1. did he enjoy the rice then?

    and your other half comes before any of us in blog land!!!


  2. I don't know if he liked it or not, I hardly saw him today, I'll ask him tomorrow :o) As for my Sweetheart, yup, he does come first :o)