Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today I...November 20th

Today I... sharing this picture I took of the Oratory at this time last year with you. I shared it with you back then as well, but I thought I would put it up again :o) feeling a bit discouraged by my lack of money. I've come to the realization that as much as I would like to be able to go on vacation with my Sweetheart his summer I probably won't be able to. I haven't given up all hope yet, but it certainly isn't looking too good at this point. I love my job, but I sure wish I was paid more.

...had a pretty quiet day.

...was happy when my Grandma G came over for a surprise visit and gave me 20$ and a purse she wasn't using anymore. I told her the other day that my latest one was falling apart and she dug one out that she thought would suit me nicely and it does :o) at least I won't have to be embarrassed about my purse anymore, now if only I could afford a new pair of shoes! my book a bit and am looking forward to getting back to it. looking forward to watching 'Flashpoint' tonight!

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