Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I...November 3rd

Today I...

...figured I would share the video you will find at the bottom of this post with you instead of a picture. It's a scene from 'Love Actually', one of my favorite movies, featuring Rowan Atkinson, aka: M. Bean. The movie is full of funny moments, but this one is one of the best I find :o)

...was supposed to give a tour, but ended up not giving it since the group were a bit fewer than planned and they had already set things up to divide into three and not four. I must say I wasn't overly disappointed since I was feeling tired and therefore not really in 'giving a tour to a bunch of 15-16 year olds' mode.

...went to the grocery store since my fridge and pantry were both alarmingly bare and spent quite a while there hunting down the ingredients for my next crock-pot creation: creamy wild rice pilaf. I found everything but the wild rice, the closest I got a blend of different rices that included wild rice, so I went for that. I spent about a half hour in the store when grocery shopping usually takes me all of 10-15 minutes and just as I was getting off the bus realized that I had forgotten to buy the sour cream. Isn't that always the way of it? Oh well, I'll just buy some tomorrow. very much looking forward to seeing my Sweetheart tomorrow or Friday! He ended up not heading back to Toronto on Sunday after all since the thought of trekking all the way back there only to have to turn around and come back to Montreal tonight was not at all appealing and I got an e-mail from him this morning asking me if I wanted to go out for coffee and dessert tomorrow night. Eep...slight problem, I'm supposed to go to dinner in the monastery with C and D tomorrow night because our boss and our former interim boss want to thank us for all our work when we were without a department head for eight months when our last boss up and dropped us right before Christmas last year. We've already put it off once because I had a choir practice and C was sick and we nearly put it off again this time because C isn't well again, but it was too late to call it off now that the cooks in the monastery have already set up the menu and bought the groceries and then my Sweetheart just had to pick tomorrow night at the last minute. Oh well, I offered up Friday instead seeing as I have the day off and will be making a delectable dinner of which there will be more than enough for two, so hopefully he'll be willing to switch to Friday as long as he is still free. We shall see, but really, I don't mind as long as I see him, I can always skitter out of the monastery a bit early :o) hoping you enjoy today's Feature Presentation :o)

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