Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I...February 10th

Today I... skipping my Skywatch Friday post as I am quite tired and didn't feel like picking out a picture. Horribly lazy of me, I know, but sometimes you just need to be lazy in life! I'll be back for Skywatch next week though.

...felt tired and edgy all day. End of period hormones are different and yet sometimes just as bad as PMS I find.

...had a very busy day day. I've been working on St.Joseph's Novena stuff (I handle all the pilgrimage groups booking to come to the Oratory) for over a month now, but it's getting busier now. As of 4:30 P.M. today I had 2, 995 people booked. It got up to over 4, 000 last year, so if this year follows suit, at least I'm more than halfway through it. But yeah, that's a whole load of people to put of a seating plan. I always wondered why my cousin didn't ask me to help her plan her wedding last year, I probably could have done it in a snap! lol

...went grocery shopping after work. so happy that it's Friday tomorrow. I only have to work four days next week and then I'll be off to my Sweetheart's place for four days!!! I can't wait to see him :o) sharing a link to a hilarious blog with you. Well, it's hilarious for me because I don't have kids yet. I know very well that some day soon I'll probably have picture of my own to put on there, because having worked with kids I know that no matter how hard to you try keep them out of trouble, they'll find a way to get into it anyway!!!

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