Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today I...February 2nd

Today I... sharing this picture of a bee in a field of lavender with you. It's one of my all-time favorite photos :o) apologizing for being an absentee blogger since Sunday. I was hoping to get a post up last night, but got home later than I had expected from an evening at a friend's house.

...saw the most active snowstorms since 2008. Not a huge amount of snow (20-30 cms), but a lot of wind and that's what makes all the difference in a storm...whether you can see more than two feet in front of you or not!!! some beef stroganoff ready in my crockpot, it's sitting in my fridge and I'll take it out and plug it in tomorrow morning so I can have some for dinner when I get home from work. The stroganoff is totally loaded with mushrooms and I'm a major mushroom junkie, so YUM!!! looking forward to heading up to Mont-Tremblant with my brother after work on Friday so we can have dinner with my aunt and uncle! I'm hoping to get a few pictures taken as well, but will have to see how cold it is and whether it's snowing or not. Snow and icy cold do not mix with cameras.

...spoke with my Sweetheart for nearly an hour again and gave him a bit of help with setting up a website to showcase the photos he took at the wedding of a couple he is friends with. It looks very nice and he's just about worked all the kinks out of it.


  1. do you ski then? As isn't that what Mount Tremblant famous for?

    The winds are still bitter here. Try and stay warm......


  2. I do ski and that is what Tremblant is famous for, but I won't be skiing this time as my brother and I will have to come home after dinner because he has something going on tomorrow. Some mountaisn have night skiing, but not Tremblant.

    It's quite windy here too today, but fortunately the temperature isn't too low.