Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I...February 9th

Today I... sharing another of my Mont-Tremblant pictures with you. As you can see, it's still Christmas there :o)

...finished reading Kate Pullinger's 'The Mistress of Nothing'. It was a wonderful light read, I got through it in about a week and a half and finished it during my break at work today.

...went out to buy a new book after work 'Let the Great World Spin', my Colum McCann and am very much looking forward to starting it tonight.

...spoke to my Sweetheart very briefly, but he was in his mid-week slump, tired and feeling a bit like he might be coming down with a cold. I hope I didn't project the germs onto him by wondering if he had gone silent because he was sick last weekend!


  1. I think no one is immune to this cold that is going around at the moment. I think once the weather warms up we will all be feeling a bit better. We are supposed to be getting above freezing on the weekend.


  2. beautiful photo Karine! My daughter was home sick 3 days with a mild temp that blossomed into a cold this week too. Just that time of year.

  3. Hello Karine! I always feel badly when I miss your posts--But I know that you understand how life gets away from us more than it should! I have enjoyed catching up on your week--I didn't know that you also played the flute--I do too and am terrible at reading music, always have been!

    I do hope you're doing well and have had a good day!! Cold here in Virginia, but is supposed to warm up and feel like spring!