Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today I...February 26th

Today I... sharing this photo o f Montreal's Catholic Cathedral, Mary Queen of the World, and one if its most recognizable skyscrapers, 1000 de la Gauchetière, with you. The reason behind this is that I went for a long walk Downtown today along Ste-Catherine Street and I was hoping to post a photo or video of the street for you, but found none that I thought did it justice. I'll have to go back out tomorrow or next weekend to get a few good photos.

...walked about three kilometers today and it felt lovely.

...didn't bring my camera because I hadn't planned on walking so much along Ste-Catherine, but found myself wishing that I had. As I said, I'll have to go back out. One of the reasons I didn't bring my camera was because I was out to run some errands and didn't want to have to haul the camera bag along with my purse and my shopping bag.

...bought the score for Vivaldi's Magnificat, which I will be singing with my choir in may.

...also got myself a new book, Kate Morton's 'The Distant Hours'. I really liked her last book 'The Forgotten Garden' and am hoping that I will enjoy this book just as much. I also got myself another book about O'ahu since my Sweetheart and I are now thinking we may stay in places other than Honolulu so we can visit the whole island more easily. I think I'm going to suggest that we start our elsewhere on the island and finish at O'ahu since it would make getting to the airport easier on the day we leave.

...made a stop at the grocery store on the way home for potatoes and pasta sauce to go with my dinners this week and then walked home. I didn't get a grocery bag since I wasn't going too far, but that's the beauty about Montreal: you can walk home with a jar of pasta sauce, four potatoes in a bag from the vegetable stand and a bag from a bookstore and no one will look at you funny. You have to be carrying something really, really weird to get funny looks here, say your pants in your hands when you're walking around in your underwear. That will do it if you're looking for attention :o) Just be sure not to do it near any busy roads where you'll slow down traffic, because then you might get arrested.

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  1. you were in a light hearted mood weren't you when you wrote that post?