Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today I...February 12th

Today I... sharing this photo of a maple toffee stand in Mont-Tremblant with you. That's my aunt in the red coat with her back to the camera, she was talking to the guy running the stand.

...slept in and it felt great, but I'm still tired. Ugh, talk about mid-winder sluggishness! Hopefully another long night's sleep will kick this tiredness off.

...had a lovely lunch with my mom and brother.

...wanted to knock out my brother for dumping snow on my head and down the back of my coat when we got to our mom's place.

...was happy to gather food from my mom's place (beef stew and halupki (cabbage rolls) ).

...also brought home a lovely umbrella stand that my grandparents got me for Christmas, but that my mom had forgotten to put under the tree back in December and a DVD player that my mom wasn't using anymore. I am very happy that my wet umbrella will no longer have to sit on my wood floor hidden in a corner and that I can now watch DVDs on my TV instead of only on my small portable DVD player.

...was hoping to speak with my Sweetheart, but he was only on Skype for about 10 minutes. I guess maybe he really does have a cold this time or he is as tired as I am and decided to just go to bed. I'll probably get to talk with him tomorrow. thinking that going to bed early (as in before 11:30) is sounding pretty good right now.


  1. 11:30pm is extra, extra late for me, we're normally in bed by 9pm, guess I'm getting old!!


  2. Hello Karine! To start, thank-you for your thoughts on my blog--I so appreciate it!

    Onto you...First, I've never had maple toffee, I've got to get out more!! Second, brothers.... I've got 4 and know all to well what they are capable of! :-)))

    Enjoy your Sunday!!