Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I...February 16th

Today I... sharing this picture of my two lovely ladies with you. This is Quinn (my mommy cat) and Magique (her kitten) sleeping together on my old couch in my first apartment three years ago. They still sleep curled up together sometimes, but not nearly as much as when Magique was still little. She's kind of outgrown that now, you know? Now they like to wrestle and play together more than anything else!

...had a slightly calmer day at work than yesterday, but I definitely spent more time on the phone today, a lot of it with confused people who were planning on coming to the Oratory for the first time!

...battled a headache all day and ended up crashing on my bed when I got home and taking a half-hour nap. The headache was still not gone after that and a hot shower, so I took two Advils and am now doing much better.

...washed all the dishes I left in the sink yesterday. I spent so much time ironing last night that there was absolutely no way that I was washing my dishes on top of that!

...was hoping to speak with my Sweetheart, but I think he may have had a concert in town tonight because he is not on Skype. I'll write him a little e-mail after finishing up here to confirm our meeting place for Friday (if he finishes work late, otherwise I'll just head straight to his apartment) just in case we don't manage to get together on Skype tomorrow.

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