Friday, February 11, 2011

Today I...February 11th

Today I... sharing another photo of Mont-Tremblant with you. This is one of the two main plazas in the village, once again, still with the Christmas tree up. I find it adds to the charm :o) asking those of you who pray to please keep my boss in your prayers tonight. He found out this afternoon that his younger brother (he was only 38) died of a stroke suddenly this afternoon while he was back home in Haiti visiting family and friends. My boss is flying over there tonight to be with his family.

...was in total TGIF mode all day at work and was out the door of the office at 4:30 P.M. sharp. I was walking past the door of the office, D was gone about two minutes ahead of me and there was C still sitting at her desk. 'You know it's Friday, right?' I asked her 'And it's a bit past 4:30?' she laughed and said 'Yup, thank God it's Friday!!!' She told me that she was leaving in a few minutes and I'm guessing she did, but I didn't see her, I was out of there in record time!

...grudgingly coughed up the money for my drivers' licence. I hate the provincial government's practice of making us pay for our driver's licence by our birthday every year. 'Happy Birthday, now pay up!' Ugh...nearly 90$ for a licence that I hardly ever use...oh well, there's no use complaining about it since I am not at all interested in losing the darn thing and having to be tested over again for it.

..had a nice, quiet, relaxing evening and started it off with a nice soak in the tub. I then watched part of the documentary series about New York City that I have on DVD followed by CSI NY. looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow before going to lunch with my mom and my brother for my early birthday celebration. My birthday is Saturday of next week, but since I'm going to be in Toronto with my Sweetheart for it (have I mentioned that I can't wait to see him???), I'm having my birthday with my mom and my brother tomorrow. We're going to an Italian restaurant near my mom's place that opened not too long ago, so none of us have been there yet. I'm looking forward to trying it out!


  1. gosh that is awful young to die isn't it? Saying a prayer for him.

    I haven't renewed my license in a while wondering now if mine will be due this year?

    Enjoy your pre-birthday dinner!!


  2. Happy birthday in advance!

    Do you have to pay for your driving licence every year whether or not you have a car? Here we pay annual road tax on each car we own, but not on the licence. So if you decided not to have a car for a few years and use say a city car club one, your licence would still be valid.

  3. Hi Linda!

    Yes, we do have to pay for our licence every year and we now pay tax for every car we own too (the money goes to public transit), but I don't own a car, so at least there's that! I think we should get a discount on our licence for using public transit or at least a combo of public transit and cars!!