Friday, April 29, 2011

Today I...April 29th

Today I... all giddy over William and Kate (Catherine) Middleton's wedding. I thought it was beautiful, simple...or as simple as the couple could possibly keep it and amazingly romantic.

...had an insanely busy day at work with a phone that wouldn't stop ringing, e-mails that kept coming it, a schedule to finish and hand out and just before leaving, orchids to remember to water. I got everything done except returning two calls. I left a note on my desk for the girl who is going to be in the office tomorrow to return the calls for me and walked out of work with a spring in my step since I'm not going back for two weeks!

...realized when I went to see if my landlord had deposited my rent cheque from April that 380$ had been stolen from my account on Monday. I came home on Tuesday to a message from the bank telling me that they had frozen my account because I had used my card someplace risky, but they didn't tell me that there had been suspicious activity. The only thing they told me to do was change my PIN and then my card would be fine. I'm glad I changed the PIN so quickly, otherwise whoever cloned my card would have been able to take even more money! I'm also glad I went to check my account before leaving on Tuesday, otherwise I might have been in big trouble while I was away, but as it stands I was told that the bank would be able to set everything right tomorrow. letting you all know that I will do my best to blog and comment before I leave on vacation on Tuesday, but I may only be able to make the rounds once since I have quite a bit to do before leaving.

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  1. It was a great wedding, wasn't it?
    And how lovely that you have two weeks holiday now. Nothing beats that 'leaving work on the eve of holiday' feeling!