Friday, September 16, 2011

Today I... sharing a final picture of Christ Church Cathedral with all of you :o) so glad that it's Friday, I was really looking forward to the weekend this week! looking forward to going out to lunch with V tomorrow, I haven't seen her in over a month!

...was so sad when I came across a stray dog this afternoon, a yellow lab. She wouldn't stay with me long enough for me to see if she was wearing a collar, so I let her continue on her way and called public security when I got back to my office. She was clearly looking for her home and her family. She came up to me when I knelt down and smiled at her and asked her if she was alone, sniffed at me and had a reaction that said 'I'm sorry, but you're not who I'm looking for.' and then walk off. I hope that public security caught up with her and that she will have somewhere warm to sleep tonight, food to eat and water to drink.

...heard from my Sweetheart that he and his two business partners were given a contract to inspect a large number of small overpasses on Quebec's North Shore. I don't know yet when he will be leaving, but it will be either this weekend or early next week. It was very short notice though, so he has been incredibly busy since they got the contract. I may not be seeing him for a while...


  1. I'm sure you'll find plenty to do while on your own

  2. Great shot. What a nice contrast between the cathedral and the modern buildings.

    Darryl and Ruth :)