Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today I...September 14th

Today I... sharing another view of Christ Church Cathedral with you. It's impossible to get a photo of the entire façade at once without being across the street from the church and then you have to compete with the traffic to get your shot. It's no big deal for though, because then I get to be creative with the angles of my shots when doing a closeup :o)

...had a pretty quiet day at work, except for the part where my boss called a meeting for 11:00 A.M....right before my usual lunch hour. I was a most unhappy camper because I get really cranky when I'm hungry. I therefore brought the yogurt I had planned to eat for dessert into the meeting with me and shamelessly ate it when I couldn't handle being hungry anymore. The boss didn't seem to mind, he actually had a good laugh about it after the meeting.

...went out to run some errands after work, namely to buy some cans of cat food. I love going to the pet supply store as the owner has his dog Boomer there most days and he always recognizes me and comes running up to greet me :o) looking forward to Friday. I am a total advocate for the four day work week, but I do know that there is no way that will be happening for me any time soon!

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