Friday, September 30, 2011

Today I...September 30th

Today I... sharing this photo of a whole variety of squash with you. They were at the same market that the pumpkins were at. Tomorrow picture? Probably another variety of pumpkins :o)

...finally got to give a tour at work! I was amazed that this one wasn't cancelled at the last minute as so many of my tours have been lately, hopefully my bad karma is gone now :o)

...found myself wishing, yet again, that I was allowed to keep the tips I am given at work. I received 38.32$ at the end of my tour today, which would have paid for all but about 15$ of my groceries and would have been a huge help to me as I am seriously cash strapped this month, but we don't get tips very often at the Oratory would therefore be in serious trouble if they lowered our salaries so we could keep our tips and we would also have to declare them at tax time, which is a major pain according to my hairdresser cousin. It still sucks to see the money go though.

...wanted to rip my smoke detector off of my ceiling, yet again. You see, up until about two months ago I just had the general alarm smoke detector that all the apartments in my building have and I thought that was enough, but it apparently wasn't since when the janitor came in to do the inspection required by the Montreal fire department he said he had to put another one in and that he wasn't surprised to see that I had no smoke detector since almost all the apartments had either taken out the batteries from their smoke detectors or taken them down. I have now found out why. I cannot use the oven without turning on a fan because the alarm goes and even if I do turn on a fan, the alarm sometimes goes anyhow, as it did tonight. I climbed up in a step ladder with three books to try and reach the alarm and get the blasted batteries out, but I'm too short. Ugh...I moved the fan around, opened a window wide and stood under the alarm and fanned at it with a book until it shut up. The next time my Sweetheart comes over, he's taking out the batteries. I could hear the fire alarm going in the other half of the building across the courtyard when it went off during the summer, so I'm pretty darn sure I'll hear the one in the hall outside my door if it goes! I just want to be able to use my oven without having to wear earplugs again!

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  1. I thought of you today when I saw a local nursery had their big wooden bins of pumpkins out. It's a pretty time of the year, but I wish it was warmer here!!

    I know what you mean about the smoke detectors!! Ours are connected to our electricity and we had one that kept going off at all hours. Someone finally suggested that we blow air through it to get the dust out--It worked--I'd tell you the same thing, if yours weren't new!