Monday, May 21, 2012

Today I...May 21st

Today I... introducing this song by Charlotte Martin with all of you. At least I don't think I've shared it with you guys before :oJ It really touched me the first time I heard it and I pounced on iTunes so I could get it on my iPod right away :o)

...spent a lovely day with my Sweetheart. We slept in, then I cleaned the kitchen from our dinner with one of our friends from Toronto and his daughter the night before while my Sweetheart returned a whole bunch of calls. Can you imagine he turned down the ringer on his cell phone so we could enjoy our evening with our friend and have some peace and quiet this morning and when he checked his phone this morning he had five or six messages (he couldn't even remember exactly how many he had when I asked him)? Yikes...I never, ever get that many calls on my cell phone and rarely end up with that many on my office phone! After eating breakfast and cleaning up, we decided to head to the park next to his condo to soak up some sun. We had just settled into some tall grass on the slope of a hill and were settling onto our towels when his cell phone rang again. Sweetheart turned toward me and said 'You know, maybe not having a cell phone wasn't such a bad thing after all.' I laughed, there was nothing else to do! Anyhow, we're going to try and see if we can manage a cell phone free night once a week, maybe eventually people will get used to it and not call him as often!

...fell asleep on my Sweetheart's couch while he worked. I didn't mean to, but his couch is so comfy and his balcony door was open and I was lulled to sleep by his typing and clicking and the sound of the the wind in the leaves of the trees in front of his building.

...stopped at the grocery store on the way back from my Sweetheart's place and bought some raspberries on special.

...meant to vacuum when I got home, but have yet to do it.

...can't believe that this time next week I'll be in PEI! Cross you fingers for good weather, because my plan right now is to visit all the provincial parks and the Cavendish National Park and that will not really be feasible if the weather is lousy!

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