Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today I...May 9th

Today I... sharing another picture of some of the flowers that were for sale at Jean-Talon Market last Saturday. I'm also trying to remind myself what a sunny day looks like as we haven't had all that many lately!

...gave a very speedy tour to a group of high school kids from Kingston. They wanted a one hour tour beginning at 10:00 A.M. but got in about 10 minutes late and then 90% of the kids needed to go to the washroom. They ended up having a 40 minute tour and an average tour lasts an hour and a half. I felt like attaching rocket boosters to my shoes!

...felt like walking home, but I hadn't taken a ride home with C all week and she likes having the company even just for 10 minutes, so I hopped in with her. hoping my Sweetheart will get home from Quebec City soon and connect to Skype, I haven't spoken to him since Monday and miss him!

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  1. The flower markets are a beautiful place to be enjoying the spring colours and weather