Friday, May 4, 2012

Today I...May 4th

Today I...

...very nearly called in sick to work after having quite a hard time waking up this morning.

...made it to work and was quite proud of that feat!

...had a relatively quiet day.

...was quite grateful to D for giving a ride halfway home in his nice new car! It even still has that lovely 'new car' smell! dreaming of running off on vacation somewhere peaceful away from work, the very rocky political climate in Quebec and all semblance of responsibility. Hence the lovely, peaceful picture I posted of one of the paths in Hopelands Gardens, which is near my grandparents place in Aiken, South Carolina. Oh, to be able to run away with my Sweetheart tonight, anywhere would do. But I have a concert to give with my choir on Sunday, so it will have to wait. Three weeks to go and I can run away somewhere. Probably not with my Sweetheart as he is still drowning in work, but I will run away nonetheless. Just not anywhere in my own province. I often feel as if I see one more person wearing a red square, I'm going to rip it off whoever is wearing it and stomp on it.

These protests have been going on for weeks and weeks now and they keep getting more and more violent. I feel horrible for all the students who want to finish their semester and can't (I know many of them), I feel horrible for all the business owners whose stores have been damaged and I feel alienated from some friends I have known for quite a few years but who are against the tuition hike while I am for it. Quebec's tuition fees are ridiculously low, the lowest in North America and our universities, even my much-loved and venerated McGill are beginning to have serious issues keeping up with other universities in Canada because of it. I am more than willing to see tuition fees go up 1625$ (over a five year period, so 325$ a year, that is NOTHING) so that my children will still have decent universities to go to in 20 or 25 years. Ugh...

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