Monday, October 18, 2010

The big day: Brother André's Canonization

Yesterday was a huge day for us at the Oratory. Very few of us who worked there did less than 10 hours, I myself worked about 11 and a half. Today I'm sharing a few pictures of the day with you and will let them do the talking for me :o)


  1. I saw a part of this one the news, and thought of you. Although I didn't read about Brother Andre's life, I was reading about the Australian Nun who was made a Saint and thought her life was very interesting.

    You must be pooped but also exhilarated by Sunday's events?

    Try and have a quiet week,


  2. beautiful photos...that last "cathedral shot" don't know what else to call it is breathtaking!!!

    ps...death is scary the first time up gets easier...well, different...still sad, and it is different with each person you lose, because your relationship was different than the one with the person before them who passed or the circumstances are so much more shocking or tragic or gentle and peaceful...I feel grateful to still have both my husband's dad passed 15 years ago...his mom is still in pretty good health and well, no grand's left. My husbands oldest living relative survived for 114 years!!!!

  3. 114 years??? No way, that's amazing!!!