Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today I...October 31st

Today I... tired, happy and a bit relieved as well. I got home from work about an hour ago after the last of the celebrations for Brother André's Canonization. Hence my sharing this picture of the sculpture of Brother André which is at his birthplace, but taken from the back. I took it when I visited there for the first time with two colleagues back on Labour Day of 2008. I am so happy to have been such an active part of the celebrations, but boy, what a ride! I'm tired, although not as much as I was on Thursday since I've had a chance to sleep quite a bit this weekend having working afternoons and evenings rather than days, but I'm still looking forward to my three day weekend this week!

...was happy to see a few children in costume on the way home as it made me feel like I hadn't missed out on Halloween altogether! going to watch a tiny bit of the news and am then going to head off to bed. Goodnight!

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