Friday, October 22, 2010

Today I...October 22nd

Today I... sharing this photo of my cousins', brother's and my Sweetheart and I's Cranium game pieces from Thanksgiving weekend. My Sweetheart and I put a pink Mohawk on ours!!! Not bad, eh? Too bad we didn't win lol

...started off the day with a guided tour...and then didn't stop! Thank heavens it's the weekend!

...had to send a young girl from one the tour groups that I was working on with some other tour guides to the hospital by ambulance with what looked like tonsillitis.

...bought myself a two CD album of sacred music put together for Brother André's Canonization from the Oratory's gift shop. I haven't started listening to it yet, but am looking forward to it!

...found out that Via Rail is having an awesome 60% off sale on their tickets! I'm going to talk to my Sweetheart tomorrow and see how I can take advantage of it :o) looking forward to having an actual weekend this weekend! I'm going out to lunch with my friend V tomorrow and then on Sunday am heading out to the West Island for a spa appointment and to see my mom.


  1. make sure you do spend time relaxing and resting up, as its been all go for you for the past little why..............there you go, my lecture for the day!!


  2. I'm there with Gill on this! :-)

    I know I keep saying this to you, but there's something so relaxing in reading your blog--I know you're very busy and are juggling so many things, but somehow reading it, it comes accross as rather calming...Crazy I know, but that's me! Enjoy your day!!