Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today I...October 2nd

Today I... sharing this photo I took of a swan gliding along on lake Ontario between Downtown Toronto and Toronto's Center Island. I've always loved swans but only ever get to see them in Toronto, so I always turn into a kid in a candy store when I see one!

...had a quiet day.

...did what my mom (and undoubtedly your mom told you the same thing...) always told me not to do and had ice cream for lunch. Well, not exactly ice cream. It was the 100% fat free chocolate and raspberry frozen yogurt that I bought while on my early afternoon outing to Monkland Village. I was so happy when I saw that a frozen yogurt place had opened up in the Village when I was there last weekend that I just couldn't help trying it out and it was pretty good, but not as good as the frozen yogurt from Yogen Früz that I can now only find in, yup, Toronto. They need to bring Yogen Früz back to Montreal, we had it here when I was little but then they all disappeared :o(

...have been tearing through my book, 'The Queen's Captive', a partially fictional account of Queen Elizabeth I's struggle to survive her sister, Queen Mary's, reign in order to become Queen herself. It's written Barbara Kyle and is really wonderful, her style reminds me of Ken Follett's.

...did my laundry and changed the sheets on my bed. I am now looking forward to going to bed as I only do when I get to lie in freshly laundered bedclothes!


  1. The picture of the swan almost looks like a postcard! It does sound like you've had a nice day--Can't beat ice cream for lunch and clean sheets at the end of it!!

    Your trip to New York will be here before you know it!

  2. I'm sure it will, however, I'm going to North York, Ontario, not New York. Easy to confuse the two names, I know. I have been getting the 'New York itch' for a while though. I've been twice and find that I need to go at regular intervals, it's a very addictive city!

  3. Ice-cream and fresh sheets. My idea of heaven