Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I...October 26th

Today I...

...am sharing this picture of some lovely orchids with you. I could use some cheering up and the picture made me smile, so I figured it might make you all smile as well :o)

...need a bit of a pick-me-up because I am very tired. Too much work, I think. The phone won't stop ringing, people are booking at the last minute for this weekend and C is sick again with a cold but is refusing to take time off to get over it. I now feel like I may be coming down with something and will be incredibly ticked off if she's contaminated me, but as tired as everyone at work is, she just may have contaminated half of the Oratory's employees...I feel bad for her because she has no immune system to speak of and catches anything at all, but she is known for being incredibly stubborn about taking time off and it miffs everyone because she spreads her germs around when she comes in sick.

...have begun reading a novel my mom gave me this past weekend, 'The Autobiography of Henry VIII with Notes by his Fool William Sommers', written by Margaret George. I'll be at it for a while since it's 939 pages long!!!


  1. I just left my 'catch-up' comment and wanted to say that the flower really is lovely and would cheer anyone, including me!!

    Again, enjoy your day! I hope you don't get ill from your co-worker--We feel the same way where I work, and we've even have patients that will come in sick, and telling us they took off work because they weren't feeling well, but still want their teeth cleaned...We reschedule them!

  2. I actually thought that flower was a lily not an orchid, the colour is stunning.

    Are you watching the Tudors on tv?