Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today I...April 10th

Today I... sharing yet another lovely song with you, 'The Blower's Daughter', sung by Damien Rice. I also really encourage you to go and see the same song sung by one of my brother's friends, George Azzi. He recently released his first album. Here is the link to his version of 'The Blower's Daughter' on YouTube Oh and ladies, according to my brother he's single...but then again, so is my wonderful, charming brother. He can't play the guitar, but he's funny, handsome, kind, generous...and drives a gorgeous BMW at the ripe old age of 26.

...went for a little spa treatment.

...went to visit my mom and got what will most likely be my first and last look at her redecorated house. She had it all repainted and got a load of new furniture and then unexpectedly decided to sell and move. The upside: her house sold in a week for pretty darn close to the asking price! The downside: she won't get to enjoy the remodel too much, but will try and have the same colors put in her new house.

...went shopping at Costco with my mom and got eight cans of diced tomatoes, three 2 litre containers of juice, a bunch of trout filets, a huge box of Life cereal, a large container of basmati and wild rice mixed with Qinoa, a large bag of Royal Gala apples, 18 Minute Maid juice boxes a top and an amazing down pillow for 147$. I will not have to go to the grocery store for anything significant for quite a while...what a deal!!! happy to report that after one week, all my Neon Tetras are still alive! I did lose one of my other fish, but I don't think that due to the new additions. The fish I already had are all at least four years except for my Albino Plecostamus (window washing fish) and have been gradually dying off for a year now so yeah, the little guy died of natural causes.

...can't believe how quickly the weekend went by! It was a pretty busy one for me and I could definitely do with an extra day off, but oh well, back to work I go tomorrow!

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  1. did you bury it using the royal flush method? Pop it down the toilet and flush!!