Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today I...April 16th

Today I... sharing this picture of Quinn and Magique snuggling together with you. Quinn gave me a good fright yesterday when, quite uncharacteristically for her, she bolted out of my apartment and down the main stairwell into the foyer when the door to the vestibule was chained open, signalling that someone had gone out and was going to be coming back in with some huge, opening the main door. I chased after Quinn and she raced back up the three stairs leading to the mezzanine and to the end of the hall. I caught up to her and scooped her up just as the people opened the front door and Quinn tried to scramble out of my arms, scratching my back in the process, but I held onto to her and got her back into my apartment. I was so relieved! That's one of the most important differences between Quinn and Magique. It is more Magique's style to bolt out of the apartment, but she has never taken stairs before and is afraid of them so when she bolts out of the apartment, the farthest she goes is down to the end of the hall and then she throws herself on the floor and rolls around waiting to me to come and scoop her up and put her back in our house. Quinn on the other hand has absolutely no fear. She goes wherever she wants and races around and I have a heck of a time catching her. This was the second time she made a Great Escape and I hope it will be the last as I was so scared she was going to run out of the building I had a nightmare about it! sad to report that I now only have seven fish left. I lost two more yesterday and one today. I have two Lemon Tetras, one Tiger Barb, one Harlequin Raspbora, two Neon Tetras and my Albino Plecostamus . The Pleco, hardy soul, is the one who seems to have not suffered from the fishy plague at all. Hopefully I'm done losing fish now.

...did my laundry and saw that the Heavy Duty washing machine still hadn't been repaired. It been on the fritz for at least a month now, I guess maybe the landlord is just going to have it replaced?

...went over to my mom's place with my brother to pick out a bookcase. She had four she wanted to give away and I chose one that matched the dark wood accents in my apartment perfectly. Unfortunately, my brother thought it wouldn't fit into his car, so I wasn't able to bring it home with me, but one of my mom and I's friends has a big van, so my mom will see if she would be willing to go over to her place and pick it up.

...went to buy a David's Tea gift car for my friend G's birthday. A bunch of us are getting together for lunch tomorrow to celebrate her 28th birthday at a Chinese restaurant near my place, I can't wait! G and I have been friends since grade 5 and we always love getting together :o) posting this early because my Sweetheart got home this afternoon and he is coming over tonight!!! I'm so, so happy :o) I can't wait to see him!!!

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