Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today I...April 27th

Today I...

...made this yummy smelling and hopefully tasting spaghetti sauce. I'm sure it will be fine though, nothing smells as good as this stuff does right now could possibly taste bad :o) I am quite proud of myself for making it though, as I always am the first time I make something. I have made bolognese sauce before, but as part of perciatelli it only semi counted as spaghetti sauce in my books.

...have been battling a migraine all day. I spent half the day in bed after getting up briefly to have breakfast as an empty stomach never does a migraine any good. By 2:00 P.M. I was feeling pretty functional so I got up and went to get groceries, came home around 3:30 and made my spaghetti sauce.

...clipped my cats' claws. This has become a much easier process since I have trained them into associating getting their claws cut with receiving two treats if they behave. I only ever give my two furry felines treats if they have their claws clipped, so it has turned out to be a most effective reward system. And FYI: I only clip their front claws as their back ones do not cause any damage to me or anything I own. going to send my Sweetheart that picture of my spaghetti sauce with an invitation to dinner at my place Friday or over the weekend. The sauce will taste better once is has sat for a few days anyhow :o)

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  1. Oh Karine, your sauce looks wonderful--I can almost smell it from here!!! ...I have no plans for dinner..... :-)))

    Hope you're feeling better!!