Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today I...April 26th

Today I...

...am happy to report that the Canadiens are one game away from eliminating the Boston Bruins. It's tradition, we ALMOST always eliminate them every time we face them during the playoffs :o)

...spent the afternoon with my Sweetheart working on his floor. We also had lunch together and went to run a few errands together.

...sat in the waiting area of the hair salon and watched the hairdresser cut a pretty good amount of my Sweetheart's amazing hair off :o( I love his hair when it's longer, but he likes it shorter so we now got halfway between his hair being what he considers too long and I consider too short.

...am hoping to see my Sweetheart again before we leave on our vacation next Tuesday. He has lots to do before then, but hopefully it will work out. If not...well, I get him all to myself for 8 days while we're away so that should kind of make up for it :o)

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