Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today I...April 13th

Today I... happy to report that after a defragging session, my computer is feeling better. Thank heavens, the last thing I need is for it to croak!!! getting ready to cheer on the Canadiens during the playoffs, just like most other Montrealers, hence my picture from one of my trips to the Bell Center last Spring during the playoffs.

...was very happy when, for the first time this week, my tour group was not composed of 40 to 50 little monsters. Giving a tour to 40 kids can feel like giving a tour to 20 kids or to a zillion of them. There is no in between. Either they're well behaved and it's fine or they like talking or fooling around and the teachers stand there with their arms crossed and it's Hell. My groups have been so bad so far this week that I was afraid to see today's kids but luckily I was blessed with a nice, quiet group. Phew!!! very sad to report that my fish tank was hit with a particularly virulent strain of Ich. I have not had a disease problem in my fishtank in years, so the only thing I can think of is that this disease came in with my new Tetras or on the plant I got at the same time as them. I have lost eight fish since last Friday. All of my Red Phantom Tetras are gone, all but one of my Harlequin Raspboaras are gone too and I also lost one Neon Tetra. The fish that I still have (10 of them) seem stable, but I am worried about my two Tiger Barbs. They are the sickest and have been for two days and are very lethargic and didn't even get hyped up about their food before. I gave my fish their second dose of Malachite Green this morning so I'm hoping my Barbs will start feeling better overnight. I will do a 25% water change on Friday and then, depending on how my fish look on Sunday, I may do another cycle of medication.

...watched my Sweetheart's flight from Port-Au-Prince to Fort Lauderdale on Flight Viewer this evening. He landed in Florida at 6:45 P.M., so I'm glad we're on the same land mass again. I just really wish he would write to me or text me, I miss him!!!


  1. Hello Karine! I'm sorry that your computer is having problems, and even sorrier that your fish aren't doing well--I'll hope that BOTH will be fine!!!

    Glad your sweetheart is back in Florida, and I hope you hear from him very very soon!!

    Enjoy your Thursday!!

  2. kids can definitely be a handful in herds! glad your sweetheart has landed safely, but sorry you are missing him so. Poor fishies:-(

  3. Not nice to be having computer issues

    Go Canadians ! love play off season

  4. I sympathise! I used to find school groups taxing when I did tour guiding in a distillery.

    Your poor fish. I admire people who have tropical fish - it seems a very complicated undertaking.