Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I...April 19th

Today I...

...am having a pictureless post since I don,t feel like digging through my files for one. I have thousands and thousands of pictures and tons that you guys haven't seen yet, but I feel like getting you guys some new ones before I post more. I'll hopefully be able to get out and take some early next week, otherwise my Los Angeles vacation is coming up in exactly two weeks and I'll definitely get some pictures out of that!

...am down to three fish. I lost two yesterday and one today and pulled out the live plant I had added to my tank when I bought my Neon Tetras in case it was the culprit. I'm now pretty sure that either it or the Neon Tetras were as my las remaining Neon revealed one of the likely culprits of the apocalypse that struck my tank: Neon Tetra disease, which attacks not only Neons, but all Tetras and several other types of fish, all of which inhabited my tank. The Ich and Neon Tetra disease could only have come from the plant and Neons since I had a very healthy for years and years before bringing both in. I just hope that by euthanizing my last Neon today I have spared my last Lemon Tetra and Harlequin Raspbora. As for my Albino Pleco, he seems to be pretty indestructible as eh is neither a Tetra nor any other vulnerable fish species and thus has a much thicker skin than the other fish. he is also a vegetarian and therefore does not poke at sick fish or nibble at dead ones, which is how all the others caught the Neon Tetra disease. I will probably get more fish once I can get my tank in shape again, which will entail my changing the filter sponge and doing another water change, all this after seeing if my last two little guys survive or not. If they're still here in a week, they'll be fine but at this point I'm not daring to get my hopes up too much.

...had a better day than yesterday. I'm suffering from guided tour burn-out, you see. I have given 10 tours in the past two weeks, meaning four two weeks ago, five last week and one yesterday and most of them were to very hyperactive kids. When I saw that my group yesterday was out of control and the teacher was doing little about it, I nearly burst into tears and was very strict with them. They behaved after that, but I was left wondering what on earth was wrong with me as I don't usually ever lose my cool with my groups. I can be strict about kids talking and pestering one another or even adults talking amongst themselves during my tours, but nearly bursting into tears and being downright snappish? Nope, definitely not me. I've just plain given too many tours to kids lately I think and I am in dire need of my upcoming vacation. Fortunately I only have one tour left to give this week and it's going to be to adults who are learning French and there will only be a small group of them, so they will be nice and calm and quiet.

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  1. hang in there, your vacation will be here before you know it......