Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today I...April 6th

Today I... sharing this picture of some Hydrangeas that were growing in the garden at Casa Loma in Toronto when I was there with my Sweetheart with you. I saw things growing in some of the front gardens in Westmount while out for my lunch hour walk today and was so happy! I am looking forward to seeing flowers like these ones soon!

...watched my Sweetheart's plane take off from my office window this morning.

...went grocery shopping after work and forgot to buy some milk. Pretty classic, eh? I had to go out to the convenience store across the street to get some, otherwise I would have had a problem come breakfast time tomorrow!

...found myself wishing that I knew how to play the organ this afternoon when the organist who was supposed to give the organ workshop for my huge tour group (50 children between the ages of 8 and 10) didn't show up. Apparently someone, I don't know who, told him that he was not to give the workshop today because they were tuning the organ? Uh...unless it was Brother Andre's ghost tuning that organ, there was no one up there the entire time we were there! I ended up calling C in the office and asking her to call Father B. to see if he was free to come and play a bit for the children and in the mean time to run up with the keys to the organ for me so I could at least turn it on and show them the keyboards and stops. They kept asking me to play something, but yeah, I wasn't about to do that. On a little dinky organ maybe, but not on our 5, 811 pipe, five keyboard, full pedal-board, 8 storey tall organ. Making a mistake on there would show just a little bit too much. I was very happy when Father B. showed up with a smile on his face ready and willing to play the children a little something for the kids.

...had a good scare tonight when my Sweetheart hadn't texted me to let me know that he and his friend E. had made it Jacmel. His flight landed in Port-Au-Prince at 12:45 P.M. and I had understood that they might spend half a day in the capital and then head to Jacmel which is an hour and a half from Port-Au-Prince. I waited until 6:30 P.M. and sent my Sweetheart a slightly worried text message, but he didn't answer. I sent him another one and he still didn't answer, so I texted E, thanking my lucky stars that my Sweetheart had given me his number. He answered my five minutes later telling me my Sweetheart was with him and that they were both fine and had just been for a walk around town. I thought he meant in Jacmel, so I was upset wondering why my Sweetheart hadn't sent me a message yet if they were out for a walk??? I answered E asking him to tell my Sweetheart to write to me later, which he did. When he wrote to me I found out that he and E were still in Port-Au-Prince and I then understood why my Sweetheart had not texted me yet. I asked him yesterday to text me when they got to Jacmel because I wanted to know that he was safely out of Port-Au-Prince since the city scares me so much. He was undoubtedly wondering what on earth to do, text me and lie and say that they were in Jacmel when they weren't, or let me know that they were staying in Port-Au-Prince and have me worry about their being there. And as for not answering my text messages: carting a brand spanking new iPhone 4 around a very poor city where rich people get kidnapped is not a good idea. My Sweetheart's phone was undoubtedly tucked away in his bad somewhere safe. So there you have it: day one of my Sweetheart's trip and he is fine so far. As for me, I'm going to take come chamomile to help me settle down enough to sleep tonight.

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  1. Hello Karine!! What a day you had yesterday! I wish I knew how to play the organ too--I can play the piano a little, but not enough to do it justice!

    I got caught up on last couple of posts and will keep your sweetheart in my prayers that he continues to be safe!! I know how you feel by the way--My husband in his job used to sometimes travel to places that were less than safe too and and I worried when he didn't phone like he was asked too--I always got so upset when he didn't call, and let him know about it when he called and I then would feel so foolish for worrying...But I think it's okay to be worried about them when they're gone, and I think perhaps THEY should be worried if WE aren't! :-))