Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I...April 20th

Today I... sharing this nice little video of a rainy day in Montreal last September with you. Nope, I didn't create it myself, but I wanted something rain themed for my blog today since it was mighty ugly out today with lots of rain, some ice pellets and lots of wind. Not nearly as nice as this rainy day looks, all mild and leafy green. Nope, our day today was gray all over and just plain icky!!! wishing that my upstairs neighbors game system would break. They seem to have gotten a new game last weekend and since then I have been treated to hearing they play with it every evening all evening until 11:00 P.M., which entails some seriously intense base and thumping around, hence my belief that they must be the proud (and annoying) owners of a Wii...

...had a very quiet day at the office since I was alone. C is off until Friday and D didn't come in, so it was just me which I don't mind at all. It's not that I don't like my colleagues, but it's nice to have a day on my own every once in a while too!

...was cold all day because it was so cold and humid out.

...still have three fish, but I will be losing my only remaining Lemon Tetra within 24 hours I think since he seems to be exhibiting some symptoms of the dreaded Neon Tetra disease. going to get out of my living room now before I become any more tempted to take a broomstick to my ceiling to send a very clear signal to my neighbors. Ugh!!!

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