Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today I...April 3rd

Today I... sharing this picture of my new Smart Phone with you! Okay, so this isn't actually my phone in the picture, it's a picture I got from Google, but it's the same model, a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. It is marvelous, I love it!!!

...returned the movie I wasn't able to return yesterday.

...went out to do a bit of grocery shopping. I was very happy to see pack of 16 Yoplait Source yogurt cups on sale for 4.44$ each, so I grabbed one, but is so doing totally forgot to buy a jar of pasta sauce, so I'll have to go back for some tomorrow. happy to report that my Neon Tetras seem to be doing fine so far! most proud of myself for relighting one of pilot lights on my stove myself. The one on the left hand side of the stove top had gone out again and once again it was caused my a draft from the right hand-side window in my kitchen. Hmm...I'd hate to not be able to open it anymore, I'll see how it goes this summer, but at least I didn't have to call Gaz Metro this time since I knew what to do, I just had to muster a bit of courage to approach a pilot light with a lit match!


  1. Hi Karine!! I'm jealous of your new phone-Would you believe that I am 'just' getting one that I can easily text on...I'm so 2009 I think! :-)

    Glad your Tetras are doing well, and I hope things are well with you and your sweetheart too!!

    By the way, I was always afraid to light a pilot light too--Now we have all electric...lucky for me! :-)

  2. Gosh Kim, I wouldn't trade my gas stove for an electric one now even if someone paid me to do ti, I'm too in love with how fast and evenly it cooks! I remember making dinne at my Sweetheart's place for his birthday back in December and thinking there just HAD to be something wrong with his stove because it was taking so long for the water for the pasta to boil lol So yeah, I find it scary a bit if something goes wrong with it, but I wouldn't trade it anyhow :o)

  3. lucky you with a smart phone......I have so many problems just trying to use a regular cell phone!!

    Love neon tetras, so bright.